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In a time of increasing environmental disasters, fears, and disruptions, we are here to:


1) help your community understand how humanity's relationship to the environment throughout millennia of history has brought us to this moment in time,

2) deepen your understanding of how your own spiritual tradition understands and relates to the rest of Creation, and what wisdom other spiritual traditions around the world have to offer humanity about a healthy relationship with the rest of Life on this planet,

3) create rituals and other processes to support your community's ability to engage with the emotional, spiritual, and existential weight of the predicament before us, and 

4) together, explore how to respond to the dangers before us with more creativity, courage, gratitude, and awe.

The name "Water from the Rock" comes from two passages in the Torah, the Hebrew Bible, during which the Israelites are wandering through the desert, struggling with thirst they demand help from their Moses and God. They respond, and bring this help through a most unusual form, not a oasis or a spring, but water bursting from a rock. We, too, are wondering through our own desert of  thirst, environmental challenges, fear, anger, and spiritual yearning. Most public leaders are no more likely to give us help or answers than a dry old rock, but that doesn't mean that we cannot find water, inspiration, wisdom, solutions, and perspective.  We are here to support you through a this journey, not because we have answers but because we face the same challenges as kin in the larger family of Life. 

Water from the Rock is founded by Rabbi Moshe Givental, based on his training as a facilitator of Joanna Macy's "Work That Reconnects," background as a psychotherapist, study of history and resilience as a Rabbi, and eco-chaplaincy with communities organizing to support environmental justice and those wanting to take their environmental / creation care work to a deeper level.